Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Stash: Embellishments

I decided I'm going to do a little series about my stash :) Mostly because I have a lot of stuff and if I did one single post it would be crazy long and I know the average reader might not find it as interesting as those of us living in our polish-tastic world ;) So I'm going to start with embellishments. I consider embellishments to be anything that you put on your nails that isn't polish. Particularly like fimo, rhinestones, microbeads and such. 
We'll start with stickers:

 I got the top ones at Dollar General for about a dollar and the other 2 sheets came together also for a dollar I believe. I know I was annoyed when I opened it and instead of 2 sheets of the pretty ones it had the others behind it. 

The NYX I got from Ulta and they were on sale something like 2 for $6. The left one is called Disco Ball and the other one is just called Blue. You can see the Haul post here. The other silver glitter in the bottom pic is from a craft kit from a long long time ago and I used to use it for hair lol. Now its migrated its way to my embellishment box ;)

The very top ones I got in a temporary tattoo kit from WalMart. Don't judge me it was in the clearance section for under $10 lol. They're pretty much just blobs of colored plastic but still cute. The post I used them in is here. The next ones down I also got in the clearance section at WalMart and I think they were like a dollar. 
The other 2 sets were sent to me by my super awesome friend Sherry. She rocks and I <3 her :) 
The only fimo I have is from the fantastic Jen of Jen's Nail Files on Facebook. She sent me a sunscreen sample and included the fimo! I was so excited I may have actually squealed and thanked her profusely (which I later found out she doesn't like lol).
Now the other stuff. Some of it is glitter but you'll see why I'm doing it this way.
Bar Glitter
More Microbeads
So these I got at Dollar Tree all of them were a dollar a piece. Most of them I have 2 sets of though the shells I only have one set and the flakies as well as embellishments I have 3 sets of. I used the silver stars on this mani and some of the microbeads here. I also used the little purple flowers on my toes as you can see on this post. 
I also thought I'd show you how I store these teeny tiny bottles :) 
I got these little Tupperware containers at a Salvation Army thrift store. The bf and I like to go and look to see if we can find cool stuff lol. I think they were something like 69 cents and I got 7 or 8 of them together. I also got some matching ones for the same price and they are bigger square shaped ones that are the perfect size for holding stamping plates lol. 
Well that's it for this one, hope you enjoyed seeing my stuff ;) What kind of embellishments do you have? 
As always, thanks for stopping by :) 


  1. Nice stash! I don't have near as many embellishments, in fact, I have hardly any. Looks like you got some great bargains in there too.

    1. Thanks! I love them and I love cheap lol. Dollar Tree is awesome :D

  2. Some of those colorful nail stickers are kinda cute, the ones you were annoyed with I mean. Definitely not classy or pretty like the other ones but some of them are alright! I really need to go to Dollar Tree and see if I can find me some microbeads!

    1. I loved the colorful ones! I was annoyed with the gold/silver ones cuz I wanted 2 sheets of the pretty ones. I freakin LOVE Dollar Tree its the shizit!


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