Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nails Of The Week

Well I was going to do my nails using one of my new plate sets but that didn't work out that well for me. The original idea I had was to do a darker blue with stars so that's what i reverted to lol. A couple weeks ago I found a bunch of nail art things at Dollar Tree and after seeing the little silver stars it made me really want to do a night theme. So here are my new nails :) 
I used an LA Colors color craze that doesn't have a name but does say BCC 566 4791 along with the silver holo stars I got in an 8 pack from Dollar Tree and silver microbeads that I got in another 8 pack from there. So this is actually a $3 manicure lol, gotta love dollar tree! I usually don't do 3D manicures so I'm finding the beads a little weird. I think I will be off practicing stamping with the plate I really wanted to use this time. Thanks for stopping by :)

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