Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Haul

As promised a haul from this weekend: 

First stop was Ulta since I had a coupon that I had to use before the end of the month. Left to right is an Ulta base coat, High Roller, Celebutante, Sun-Sational, Mint Condition and Sweetheart Pink. 
Saturday we went to a neighborhood yard sale where I picked up Sally Hansen~Blue Moon, Revlon~Firecracker, Revlon~Coral Heat, Creative~Gotcha, Sinful Colors~Tapping Nails and OPI~I'm Not Really A Waitress. 
I'm not really a red kind of girl but for a quarter a piece (75 cents for the OPI) I decided to pick them up. Guess I better do some red manis lol. 
I think that's it for now, I should really go clean but I'll probably just end up doin my nails again lol. As always thanks for stopping by :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Nails, an ouch! and Naked Nails

 My last mani was lookin pretty bad so I decided to redo my nails despite being pretty busy this weekend. So here's a pic of my naked nails after filing to a more square shape:
Unfortunately between the time of taking the polish off, showering and getting dressed my thumbnail got bent back hence the ouch in the title:

But no worries, it didn't really break just kind of cracked. I'm not sure really all I know is its ok and I put new polish on it after covering the whole nail in strengthener/hardener lol. So new mani:
Blue Moon from Sally Hansen
with clouds
 So that took 3 coats of the Blue Moon it was super sheer. And to tell you the truth I absolutely hate it. I got it as part of a haul (post to come later!) and its really a very smooth formula but its like it won't dry completely. Its been over 24 hours and I can poke it with my nail and it leaves a dent :( But after finding out that April was blue for autism month I decided to do it. I still like the idea, maybe next time I'll stick to a darker, less sheer blue. As always, Thanks for stopping by :) 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nails Of The Week

Well I was going to do my nails using one of my new plate sets but that didn't work out that well for me. The original idea I had was to do a darker blue with stars so that's what i reverted to lol. A couple weeks ago I found a bunch of nail art things at Dollar Tree and after seeing the little silver stars it made me really want to do a night theme. So here are my new nails :) 
I used an LA Colors color craze that doesn't have a name but does say BCC 566 4791 along with the silver holo stars I got in an 8 pack from Dollar Tree and silver microbeads that I got in another 8 pack from there. So this is actually a $3 manicure lol, gotta love dollar tree! I usually don't do 3D manicures so I'm finding the beads a little weird. I think I will be off practicing stamping with the plate I really wanted to use this time. Thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Early Birthday presents

Ok so I have a lot of old stuff to post but I'll start with something from yesterday just since I'm so excited! My birthday is coming up and since my boyfriend is super awesome I tend to get presents early. Oh, and I also get to pick them out myself lol. Yesterday I got my Red Angel stamping plates in the mail as well as my Mash plates! So so so excited I cant wait to use them and since I had to take off my last mani anyhow it seems this is the perfect time.

Now I'm off to do a new mani using one of my new Mash plates! Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Introduction :)

Hi there, I'm Lena and this is my blog. I'm 24, I love nail polish and nail art as well as reading and The Sims (though I freely admit I don't do either of the last two as much anymore). Here you'll find a lot of different things, maybe you'll like them maybe you won't. Either way thanks for stopping by :)