Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Nails, an ouch! and Naked Nails

 My last mani was lookin pretty bad so I decided to redo my nails despite being pretty busy this weekend. So here's a pic of my naked nails after filing to a more square shape:
Unfortunately between the time of taking the polish off, showering and getting dressed my thumbnail got bent back hence the ouch in the title:

But no worries, it didn't really break just kind of cracked. I'm not sure really all I know is its ok and I put new polish on it after covering the whole nail in strengthener/hardener lol. So new mani:
Blue Moon from Sally Hansen
with clouds
 So that took 3 coats of the Blue Moon it was super sheer. And to tell you the truth I absolutely hate it. I got it as part of a haul (post to come later!) and its really a very smooth formula but its like it won't dry completely. Its been over 24 hours and I can poke it with my nail and it leaves a dent :( But after finding out that April was blue for autism month I decided to do it. I still like the idea, maybe next time I'll stick to a darker, less sheer blue. As always, Thanks for stopping by :) 

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