Thursday, January 10, 2013

Naughty Nails Contest and Giveaway

Hello gorgeous! 

If you've been here a while you may have noticed that I don't do giveaways or contests. It's not that I don't want to or can't afford to (though sometimes that's true). It's mostly that I wanted to get to a certain point before I did all that. I wanted to know that people liked me for me not for winning stuff. I feel I've reached that point now and I've partnered with a few other bloggers to host an awesome giveaway/contest for you!

Dahlia from datyorkLOVES, Aralyn from Enchanted Nails and Fluffy Dog Tails, Alyssa from Frugal Polish and myself present to you: 
Being a woman, and, ya know, actually having a cervix, it's important to get checked regularly for cervical cancer. (Especially as it's in a place you can't see for yourself lol) Regular Pap Smears are a nuisance right? But very important! They detect any abnormalities which is crucial in detecting cervical cancer early. And HPV can play a big role as well, so those tests are must too! And January being cervical cancer awareness month is just an added bonus for a naughty nails contest :)

How to win: 
There will be 5 winners based on art on nails and 2 winners based only on Rafflecoptor entries. The art winners will be based on a set of criteria and decided by the hosts. 

The prizes:
First Place is the whole 50 Shades of Grey Collection by Different Dimension
Second Place is the new Valentines Collection by Candii Polish.
Third will be polishes from Glitter Me This.
Fourth will be two polishes from datyorkLOVES: (I named them!!!!) 
Fifth, Sixth and Seventh will be 1 polish decided by the hosts from either Above The Curve, Shimmer Polish or Darling Diva Polish.
This is the only prize I was in charge of and I had to include swatch pics for you guys from my bottle!
Above The Curve Nail Polish: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Important Notes:
The contest will run from 1/14/13 to 1/25/13.
Winners will be announced on all Blog Posts by the hosts as well as Facebook.
Winners must email me ( by 1/30/13 (or I'm gonna keep the prizes bhahahaha!) 

If you are going to do the art portion of this you still need to follow/like all the hosts and sponsors. The Rafflecoptor entry is the very last one and it will ask you for a link. If you do not have a blog to where your entry will be located then you can come and post your entry on my Facebook page and get the URL that way. If you want to post it on your own Facebook profile or something it has to be public so we can all see it. If you are unable to do any of those you can email it to me but please try to do the others! I will upload it and email you back a URL to where it is that you will have to enter into the RC widget. 

The picture at the top has all the other info on it that you'll need, Dahlia made it! If you do have any questions drop me a line here or swing by the Facebook page and ask!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Are you going to do nails?
As always, thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Arrrgh I totally just did some naughty nails for this contest then re-read the rules and it's US only! Any chance I could pay the extra shipping if I win and still enter??

    1. I don't see why out would be a problem but I'll double check with the Co-hosts. Where are you at?

    2. Ok I checked and we decided it wouldn't be fair to open it up fur you and nobody else Jessie :-( Do you have anyone in the us we could ship it to? If yes then you can still enter! I'm sorry, we just want to be fair and none of us are comfortable shipping internationally.

    3. That's okay, I don't know anyone in the US so I'll just post them randomly lol. Thanks anyway :)

    4. Okay, sorry! I'd still love to see what you've done :) If you want to post them on my Facebook page that would be great!

    5. okay doke, I'll go do that now :)

  2. I want to enter so bad, but I'm in Canada. If I have well understood the last respond you did to Jessie, if I find somebody in the US that is willing to ship me the prize if I win, I can join? That would be very fun and I would join in this contest for sure !! Thanks to confirm !

    1. Yes! If you have somewhere it can be shipped in the continental it's then you can definitely enter :-) Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. I think this is such a great idea to support women's health!! I am working on my entry as we speak!

  4. I wanted to say Thank You again for a crazy fun contest! I had a blast making my va jay jay nails and writing my blog post! I really don't expect to win anything, I'm a horrible nail artist, but that was so much fun I have to start entering these contests more often!

    1. I love your nails! I'm so glad you entered!

  5. I entered a picture for the nails, and I didn't really think about it needing to be art. Its not art. Its just my interpretation of naughty = sheer polish that leaves a little to the imagination. So If you want to erase that entry, I totally understand!

    1. Nope! An entry is an entry and it can be either suggestive it explicit. Besides I think that's a great idea :-) make sure you watch your email in case the link doesn't work and I email you about it!


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