Sunday, January 6, 2013

NYE Nails after the fact

Hi guys!!!! I've missed you :D I was on vacation from work and work is where I get the most done on here too lol. But now I'm back (even though it means I have to wear clothes again not my WalMart finest lol) and ready to get stuff done! 

I didn't actually do my nails on NYE like the rest of the world. I wasn't feeling very well and just wasn't up to it. I figured okay, I'll do them in time for Frugal Polish's mini NYE nail contest...Yeah that didn't happen either lol. Okay then they'll be done in time for Shelly's Sassy Nails' Sassy Saturday contest. They were somewhat done but I just wasn't happy with them so didn't submit. 

I used Rock N Roll by Wet N Wild from the first Fergie collection:
So pretty in the bottle!

But kind of plain lookin in the pics :( Every once in a while I would catch some pow of the little round holo glitters. Overall I like the mani but it wasn't my favorite by any means lol. 

Application of this polish was pretty decent in general. I did have to really fish for the holo glitters though. I also am not a fan of these type of brushes which are the same in the Insta Dri. You know...the flat wide plastic part of the brush and the brush head is really big and rounded all weird. Might be good for full nail coverage but terrible for trying to do french tips! 

The polish took a ton of coats to get that opaque plus another couple trying to get the stupid glitters. I really didn't want to use underwear though based on a little testing. So as a result I had a ton of polish on my tips! How'd I fix it? I used Tip Top Nails Toughen Up base coat which I've been using for the past few months, 1 coat of Savvy USA Blush, and tons of top coat. I literally just kept piling on the top coat until it was even with all the damn glitter. I couldn't even count how many coats it was anymore. Once it was even I did a full layer of top coat and wrapped my tips. 

It was terrible, almost like a full set of acrylics with a glitter tip. I think it'll be relegated to the "pretty collection" not the "wear it a lot" pile lol. I did try to add some things with acrylic paints but nothin looked right so I took it off using rubbing alcohol (erases all mistakes made with acrylic paint!) and left it alone. I wish I would have: 1. Used the glue method (taking it off was terrible and I had to revert to the foil method) and 2. Remembered I wanted to mattify it before I took it off :(

Did you do your nails? Do you have this polish? What do you think?
As always, thanks for stopping by :) 

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