Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nail Art on Toes: Butterflies and Flowers

I actually have nail art on all my nails at the same time *gasp*! Are y'all as shocked as me? I've been really interested in nail art and getting better lately. So if you hate feet or are disgusted by them turn back now!

This is my first time using LEX Cosmetics polish even though I got them a LONG time ago for free from sneakpeeq. Note that this is in no way a review of the polish, I will only mention the generals that are important to every nail polisher :)

I used 2 coats of LEX Cosmetics polish in Lil Mama (again free from sneakpeeq not for a review!); pink, blue and purple acrylic paint that I mixed with white acrylic paint all by Apple Barrel (.57 cents each!); Tulip glitter I got from Hobby Lobby on clearance (see here) and the flowers are Kiss nail decals (see embellishment post here).

All I did was paint random little butterflies all over in different colors. They aren't perfect but I still think they are cute! I put a little top coat over a couple of the butterflies and brushed corresponding colored glitter over them which definitely added something but made them lose their definition lol. So I ended up just going over all the nails with Jordana Crystal Glitter. I freakin love that stuff! Just found out where to get it again and I was ecstatic! The answer is KMart if you don't know. I've had the same bottle for years and it's kinda yellowed and really goopy even with tons of polish thinner so you can understand why I love my new bottle so much. 

Lil Mama is a great formula though pretty expensive generally. It applied nicely and was a little shear with just one coat. In the bottle it's kind of got a silver metallic sheen but not on the nail. 

So what do you think? Do you do nail art on your toes? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. cute!!! Love the color combos and the designs. Looks so girly and classy. Great job on this mani.


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