Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mini Haul from Hobby Lobby

**Note** This post is a couple of weeks old now because of running out of pic storage room here. But I fixed it for now :D

I haven't been into a Hobby Lobby until recently  when I got some glitter and water soluble ink but I've been trying to find a decent striping brush so I went back in today. I can never leave with just one thing though lol.
What I got: 

A bag of feathers; Folk Art acrylic paint in metallic gold, silver and black; Apple Barrel acrylic paint in a skin tone color; Tulip glitter caddies that were on clearance; black glitter and another art brush. The Love My Nails polish is Frosted Purple and I got it from my friend Stephie. She was showing me her polish and I begged her for it lol. I have one but it's almost empty :( Yay for backups! 
The gold paint in the back on the right side is tempera paint. It's pearlescent and looked really cool and it was on clearance so I got it lol. 
Do you guys like Hobby Lobby? Any idea where to get a decent striping brush?
As always, thanks for stopping by :)

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