Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catch-up nails and the glue method

Hi guys! Sorry for the brief absence this week, I had training at work and horrible morning hours :( Due to the training I wasn't at my desk which means no art :(

Last week I did do a quickie mani of black and pink acrylic tips, the pics are terrible and I didn't get any good ones. I'll show a pic anyhow though :) 

Just a quickie mani that I did Halloween night before I got off of work. I made it matte using NYC Matte About You (for the first time!). It didn't last too long though lol. I took it off Sunday night and put on China Glaze's Nova over WnW Black. I used the glue method, since I didn't want to scrub glitter off but did want it to last all week through training. Yeah, not so much lol. It all came off the next day which is why there are no pics :( But here's some pics of the glue process:

I just poured regular school glue into an old nail polish bottle (NutraNails Quick Dry Top Coat) that I cleaned out. It works alright (there are lots of tutorials out there already). One note is that if you try to use polish remover it does not take the glue off, just the polish. And it doesn't last very long. I figure it's good for swatches or when I'm working the next day so I can redo them. 

If you want to see what China Glaze's Nova looks like I also have it on my toes which you can see here. Other wise that's it for this post, I have a new mani to show you all too!
As always, thanks for stopping by :)

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