Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zombie nails!

Right now until November 10th you can get a free copy of Plants vs Zombies!!! Just go to and use code PEAH8R and voila! free game! Now onto the nails!

So I needed to do something with my nails and the theme for Halloween at my job was zombie and it seems zombieness is popping up all over so I figured why not? 

I used these acrylic paints to make the zombie color:
Here's the color and it on my nails:

And then I covered it with a few coats of Fantasy Makers Glow in the dark:
Which wouldn't really glow at all. Believe me, I tried to get a pic :( Sorry for the terrible cleanup by the way, I was at work and working with limited time lol. I seriously need a light box at home to circumvent the terrible lighting there.
So I just painted random zombie inspired pics using more acrylic paints that I didn't remember to take a pic of:

Lots of pics! So can you tell what they are? Thumb is a graveyard with empty graves; index is a tombstone; middle is the word brains; ring is 2 graves with a full moon; bats; flowers and a crack in the ground; and pinky is what else? a brain.
The other hand that you so rarely see:

Ignore the heater! Lol that's the best place to get a pic with the silly light. 
Thought I'd get some more interesting shots for you:

And a bonus pic of some of my polish :D
That's it for now, as always, thanks for stopping by :)

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