Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photography by Kate and photo enhancements

I was hanging out on Facebook last night, going through my news feed when I saw that Never Naked Nails had posted a picture. Not your average nail pic mind you but it was a before and after shot of a girl. The before was kind of plain and boring and you could see some blemishes while the after picture had her colorful, vibrant and blemish free. I was curious so I read the description and saw that Kate had enhanced the pictures. After talking about it she said she would happily do mine and I immediately sent her of my pics. I decided to share with all of you the magic she worked! 
These ones aren't very recent, I'll save those for last ;)

This is one of my favorites, I just love it!

I love this one too! 
 How awesome is that? She put me at the ocean!
And the ones she did from the only recent one I sent her:
I love the rain she put in it!

I would have sent her some more recent ones but they were not great quality or lighting :( But she encouraged me to have a picture taking day and send her the results so once it cools down I just might do that! Hope you liked them all as much as I do and you can find Kate here on Facebook for her photography site and make sure to like her nail page (seriously amazing!).
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