Saturday, July 7, 2012

Copious Hauls

By request from the Facebook page I decided to show you all  the stuff I have gotten from Copious! You can see my original post about Copious right here. If you haven't signed up yet for a Copious account and you live in the US you totally should! Click this link right now and sign up with Facebook. You need the friends to get the credits :) 
Basically you get $10 for signing up with my link and once you complete a purchase (you have the item in your hot little hands and hit the complete button on Copious) I get $5 credit for bringing you there. So we all win right? But you can invite friends too and get more credits for more free stuff! Anywho onto the goodies!
The minis were to my understanding supposed to be regular size but I have given up complaining lol. So they are Metallic Fuschia and Metallic Sapphire. Then from left to right: Metallic Aqua, Metallic Pink and Chuky Holo Teal. 
Julep Melissa:
Pure Ice Rio:
Zoya Tallulah:
China Glaze Luxe and Lush (my first flakie!):
Milani Cyberspace (my first Milani):
My super cute ring that wants to turn me green:
And a group shot:
Somehow I totally missed getting my Sally Hansen Gem Crush Bejeweled in there as well as getting a shot of it by itself today :( Supa sad face :( But you can see it here with some of its friends :) You can also see more pics of the ring in this post that I did specifically for it and the mani inspired by it :) Yay for jewelry inspiration!!! 
Have you joined Copious yet? What the heck are you waiting for?! All of this stuff cost me pennies! If you have joined and have already gotten your gooodies, what did you get?
As always, thanks for stopping by :) 


  1. I love Copious and I love your haul! :D Kind of bummed we didn't get credits for the 4th :( LOL

    1. I love it too!!!! I'm still bummed about it too, really Copious we get credits for Marilyn's birthday but not the country's? WTF lol

  2. I found you via Product Reviews Basics on FB :)I am following via GFC

    You can follow me back here Content Friendly

    1. Thank you! I will definitely come follow you back :) And welcome!


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