Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Freebies and Fabulous Sites

I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you guys about some great sites that I love! I use these a lot and have got some really good stuff from them. 

Now Copious is a fantastic site! I can't even tell you how many amazing polishes I've got so far not to mention my adorable ring you can see here in the Haul post and here in the post about the mani I did inspired by it. They also give out free credits about once a month. Sign up with your Facebook or Twitter (the more friends you have the better!) You can sign up here and get your first $10 credit free on me :) 

Another awesome site though it takes a little bit to get the hang of it. Basically you have 20 "peeqs" a day that you use to see what a price is on a certain item. They have new boutiques every day and sales usually last a few days. The one problem is they are a little more costly but there are ways to get around that ;) I've gotten 4 free polishes and 2 free rings as well as a free pendent necklace so far from them. You can sign up with Facebook here. The more you peeq the more you win. Typically the more you click on in a store you get some kind of prize usually (like free shipping or a % off). Make sure you share the store and hit love on the products to also help you. You can get free shipping on anything by clicking the pink "Earn Free Shipping" note that shows up when you are on the order page. Just agree to share with some of your Facebook friends and refresh the page. When you sign up you get a $10 off credit and usually a free gift (the gift changes every week or so).

Eden Fantasys:
This is only for those 18 or older! Its an adult toy site but they have so much more. Of course they carry any kind of toy you could ever imagine (and some you couldn't!) but they also have books, lingerie and bath & beauty products. Seriously they have some of the cutest lingerie I have ever seen! Plus every single item has multiple reviews so you can get real peoples opinions before you buy. That is a huge plus for me since I don't want to buy lingerie that is going to fall apart incredibly quick or bath products that smell like dirty unwashed feet. You can see my first post about them here and you can check them out here

Julep is fantastic! It's a subscription program where you sign up and get monthly boxes based on your personal style. The boxes generally contain 2 polishes and a product though July's box included a free patriotic polish. It costs $19.99 a month (US) and I know they do ship to Canada as well. You can pick a different box each month, skip the box for the month or even send your box to a friend. You can see my review post about them right here. They have great polish and great products. You can sign up here

A great site that emails you everyday (or you can just check it everyday) that lets you know about freebies and giveaways as well as sweepstakes. I've already got a few things from them including a year free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine and a ring sizer (cuz I can never remember what size each of my fingers are and it will be handy for getting more free rings from Sneakpeeq lol). FabFree emails also contain what the free gift is from SneakPeeq for new members. You can check them out here.

That's it for this post, as I find more I'll make sure to update! As always, thanks for stopping by :)

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