Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't stop... GET IT!! GET IT!!!

If you hang around the Facebook page with me then you may know that one of my favorite drivers passed away last Saturday night. I never formally met him but I held a lot of respect for him despite that. He was an outstanding driver and almost always won. He was also a father and a friend to many people. His story and facts about him aren't mine to tell but I felt that I really wanted to do something to show some kind of remembrance for him. So being me, I thought up a design and did my nails. Lots of pics for this one, it was not only the most ambitious thing I've tried this far it was also a PITA to get good pics of.
I started by painting four nails red using WnW Red Red and my thumbs black using LA Colors Circuits (completely opaque in one coat!):
 Sorry for the craptastic pic :( It was just a quick one with no real effort.
I debated for quite a while on how to do the blue stripes. I thought about tape and that just wouldn't line up quite right so I free-handed them as well as the 01 for his car number. The blue is Fingerpaints Cerulean Seascape and the white is Art Deco in white (no name). I realized after doing the one that his didnt have the bottom part so I got rid of it. And another bad pic sorry! I took it last night.
Lastly, I used black and painted "Dont stop" on all 8 fingers because every time he'd go racing he would always post: "Gone racin! Don't stop, get it, get it! Next stop victory lane!" I used a Stripe Rite in metallic lilac (no name again) and another Art Deco (in gold glitter) for the inside of his number on my left thumb. On my right I did his nickname RT using the white Art Deco again. 


Remember you can click the pics to enlarge them! I'm sorry I know its kind of hard to read and I could lie and say its easier in real life but it really isn't lol. I might end up putting white or something over it :) 

This is obviously him, when he won a race recently :) You can kinda see the car and numbers  and in the second pic you can see the Confederate flag on the top (my inspiration). He called his car 'the wife' and on the back it said Troublesome. He was referred to as crazy with a heart of gold. That's it for me on this post, remember to never take people for granted and always appreciate who and what you have. That's definitely something I need to work harder on for sure. 
As always, thanks for stopping by :) 


  1. He was the best man of my wedding... thank you for sharing!!!! I love that man and can't wait to get my nails done the same way. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING!!! z Ron was a legend in my eyes!!! I love you!!!

    1. I love you Courtney! He'll always be in everyone's hearts who loved him :)

  2. Awesome post Lena! Very creative and an excellent way to honor his memory. Looks great, you're right, I bet adding white to the letters would help them stand out more.

    1. Thanks Shelly :) I will definitely do it before the visitation tomorrow.


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