Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lacey's Toes

If you don't happen to hang around my Facebook page you may not know that I have a niece named Lacey and she loves it when I do her nails. She's almost 4 and just adorable! The only problem with doing her nails is she always picks off the polish lol. No matter what I put on (I've even used Seche on her) she always ends up picking it off her fingers. So I found a solution and just do her toes :D So I give you some pics of her nails :) 
That is LA Colors pink (mine doesn't have a name) and she ended up picking it off her fingers within a matter of hours lol. 
More LA Colors pink this time with Pure Ice Busted over it. I did end up doing flowers and designs too but she was too tired for me to take pics :) And that is her mama's old phone that is hers now (no service or anything but people do seem to call for me a lot whenever we're together lol) Cuz you know when a kid hands you a play phone you better answer it!
This is LA Colors blue (again no name on mine) with Sinful Colors Hottie over it. If you don't know Hottie is a holo glitter and super cute in this combo. 
I took this one to show you a little of the glitter :) 
So there you have it, my baby's nails. Honestly I don't care if she picks it all off or not its just fun to do and she loves it. I hope you enjoyed seeing as much as I enjoy doing!
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  1. That's adorable! My twin nieces live in Atlanta, but I'm waiting for my niece here to get old enough so I can paint her toes. She's 4 and you can't get her to hold still for more than ten seconds!

    1. Aww see I've been doin Lacey's since before she was 2 lol. She knows to hold still. As soon as the bf's baby takes a nap for more than a few minutes I'm gonna do hers too ;) There you go! Paint hers when she's sleepin and she'll love it so much she'll hold still next time


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