Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nails Of The Week

So after a couple of back to back busy weekends I've gotten a little behind :( So I'm goin to play catch up with this post and post again tomorrow :) 
Nails of last week:
Fingerpaints Inkblot Blue and Laugh My Art Off

Inkblot Blue being a neon dries matte
So I started off with something completely different: 

Sinful Colors What's Your Name
Excuse my file in the pic lol I was just kind of taking as I go shots. My original plan was to do black with neon blue tips in a funky french. Needless to say I really didn't like it at all. 
Fingerpaints Inkblot Blue and Sinful Colors 
My hands aren't always very steady so I thought I would cover the lines up with tiny blue microbeads which probably led to my dislike of it. I ended up taking the whole thing off and just doing the Inkblot Blue. And of course I love glitter so I added the Laugh My Art Off which is beautiful blue glittery prettiness :) 
The What's Your Name has so much pretty blue/green subtle shimmer I had to take a few pics to share:

Hard to see it really in the pics but believe me its there. I probably would have used Wet N Wild Black Creme but it ran out half-way through a water marble I was doin before this. Supa sad face :( So I gave up took the whole water marble off and went to bed. (By the way I live right next to a Walgreen's and they havent stocked more of the WnW black in like 2 weeks, Grrr! Ok well I gotta go and figure out something to do with what I got goin on with my nails now, as always thanks for stoppin by :)


  1. I really love the two blues - and they are great together too :)
    If you want a guide telling how to remove the double word verification your commentators has to go through, please send me an email :)

    1. Thanks I loved this mani! I think I got rid of them :)

  2. LOL, let's try - and it's difficult to read black writing on a black background ;)

  3. There we go I got it fixed lol Its a little difficult to find everything


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