Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nails of the week? Probably not.

So here are my nails of the week:

I started out with Nina Ultra Pro in Blu Blaze which in the bottle is a really pretty neon blue kind of color. On the nails though it dries into a matte dark blue. Its super streaky and dries so quickly it actually was difficult to work with. But I persisted and this is 3 coats later. Oh yeah, and I still had visible nail lines :( So I added some tips using LA Colors Craze  silver which has no name but has the code BCC 571. And then since that was just kinda blah I did some stamping with MASH plate 08. I know how hard it is to get every stamp perfect so I deliberately changed the angle of the stamp so I'd get different results. It did end up glossy after topcoating but I'm still not very happy with it.
Matte after adding tips
 I did my toes at the same time and they came out super cute, all springtime-y which is why I grabbed the Nina in the first place since it seemed like a spring type color in the bottle :( 
Do you have any Nina polishes? Are they all like that? This is the only bottle I have of this brand. 
I'll probably end up re-doing them this week at some point, just depends what all is goin on and how much I continue to hate them lol. As always thanks for stopping by :) 

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