Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nails Of The Week and Contest Entry

Yep that's what I said so onto the nails first!

Because I never show off my right hand :)
This is the pic I used for the contest :)
So there they are :) LA Colors Circuits (black) and Wet N Wild Red Red.The contest is homemade dotting tools only, art must be only dots and ends tomorrow, Monday May 28th. As you might be able to see I used a toothpick and a broken paintbrush handle. I actually like them (you can tell since I did my right hand too lol). Did any of you enter the contest?
Let's see, hmmm in other news: The Facebook page is doin pretty well (if you haven't come and "liked" it yet please do. I'm on there all the time and I love it when people share their pics and opinions. Well nice opinions lol. And I post a lot of other stuff on there like tutorials, links to giveaways and contests as well as fan photos.
There's a Twitter account now: you can follow @LenaLovesNails. I won't promise to tweet all the time but I will definitely try lol. I can tell when my posts are getting too long because it makes everything so slow, so I'll end this one now. Hope to see you all on the facebook page, I think we have fun there. Off to get ready for a cookout, as always , thanks for stopping by :)


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