Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another quick post....No really I swear!

So a few things from today I wanted to share with everyone: 
I made a Facebook page :) you can find it under Lena Loves Nails or right here
I'm already up to 13 likes! That makes me sooooo happy and excited you have no idea. It was kinda my breakout there since I didn't really tell my friends or family that I started this blog. I suppose my thinking was that if random strangers I'd never talked to didn't want to read what I wrote then why would I subject my family to it? Anyhow it'd be great if you hop on over and like it! 
Second thing is Yamii from over at yamiidoesnails hosted a giveaway tonight for the first set of Bundle Monster plates. Now I never ever win anything. Gambling, giveaways, contests you name it my luck is horrible. But tonight thanks to some great friends I won! Woohoo! Super excited over here lol. Thanks again Yamii!!!!!!!
So I promised quick and this is as good as I can do lol. As always, thanks for stopping by :)

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