Friday, May 18, 2012

Born Pretty Stamping Plates

Ok so let me say that technically its now the 18th not the 17th which I said I'd post on however I don't consider it the next day til I wake up lol. That being said I'm still considering it Thursday which is my birthday :) Yay Happy Birthday to me the big 25 lol. 
 If you've read the previous posts then you'll know I not only picked out all my presents but I got almost all of them a while ago lol. If you haven't read the previous posts and don't want to I'll sum it up real quick. I got a set of Red Angel plates, a set of MASH plates and lots of nail polish along with some other goodies.
 I also ordered a set of stamping plates from the Born Pretty store. I love all of it. Of course I do, I picked it all out lol. My plates from Born Pretty came the other day after almost a month of shipping time due to them being shipped from China lol. See I had no idea that's where they would ship from. So I was pretty impatient lol. Anyhow they finally came this last weekend! 
Stamper and Scraper from Born Pretty

So now I have 5 Salon Express plates, 12 Born Pretty plates, 25 MASH plates, and 21 Red Angel plates. That's a lot of plates and designs! 

In this pic above I actually put the Red Angel plates in the little MASH baggie things since the MASH have a paper backing and the Red Angel ones don't. I absolutely don't want my plates all scratched up (which is part of why I don't use the scrapers I have). I keep them all in this cute little Tupperware bowl that is square shaped and the perfect size. I keep that, my scrapers, stampers and cards I actually use for scraping in a Julep Maven box lol. If you stamp how do you store your supplies? I still have to show my birthday mani take one but I think that will wait til morning lol. As always thanks for stopping by :) 

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