Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zoya Haul

So like most people who are interested in nail polish and such I participated in Zoya's Earth Day polish exchange. After waiting on pins and needles for what seemed like ever, I finally got my order! I was pretty confused looking online when I had the polish and then a separate order for my free sugar scrub. So being anxious to get all my prettys I kept checking online on my orders. The sugar scrub shipped out like a week later but they both come today. They shipped the polish out via FedEx smartpost which means FedEx most of the way with the final delivery by good old USPS. Now suffice it to say I never ever ever want anything shipped this way again as it was the slowest most ridiculous thing ever. It took 2 days for my sugar scrub to get here and like 2 weeks for the polish :( But complaining aside I'm happy that they are finally here and now I can happily do my nails. So onto the haul:

Raven, Mimi, Tart, Trixie, Brooke, Gilda, Crystal and Charla
Soooo pretty! I also received as free gifts:

Zoya polish remover and nail prep

Color spoons for the new beach and surf set

Lemon Dream sugar scrub. It smells delicious!
I received a booklet of all the current Zoya colors with names and pics which is just cruel punishment since it makes me want more lol. Well I really better go and do something with my nails lol, so hard to choose I've gotten so many pretty colors lately! Thanks for stopping by :)

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