Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fingerpaints Haul

So after the Nina disappointment I was not very happy :( But this weekend I got to go to Sally's :D Fingerpaints is on sale for $3.99 this month and when you buy 3 you get a super cute little tote bag. Plus I had my 15% off coupon. So I got 7 new polishes, yay! Here they are:
Easel Come, Easel Go!; Where Art Renoir?; Well-Cultured Pearl; Be A Pal-ette; Purple Pallette; Inkblot Blue and Cerulean Seascape
All so very pretty :) I really think the silver Easel Come, Easel Go! is almost an exact dupe for Zoya's Trixie. Though I just painted a little test spot of both. The black Where Art Renoir has very pretty silver glitter in it. And the Be A Pal-ette is super pretty has kind of an underlying blue sheen. I took a few pics to try to show it: 

Came through in the pics better than I thought it would actually. I'm pleasantly surprised since purple can be really hard to get a decent pic of. So the cashier did two separate transactions so that I would get two bags which was pretty nice of her and I got a 15% off coupon on both receipts. Plus my birthday is this month and as a present from Sally's I got an email coupon for $10 off my next purchase. I'm predicting another trip there before the end of the month lol. Sorry for such a pic heavy post though I must admit that's my style lol. Another post tomorrow for my nails of the week and a fail. As always thanks for stopping by :)

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