Monday, May 28, 2012

Sally's Haul

So Sally's had an awesome sale this weekend, 50% off all red-tagged clearance. Which I figured was great since I had my birthday coupon $10 or any $20 purchase and a 15% off any $20 purchase. Too bad I found out I couldn't use any coupons with the clearance sale :( But that's ok since there wasn't anything on clearance that I absolutely HAD to have lol. But I did end up using my coupons for some goodies (of course since I can't go in there and NOT get something). So onto my newest pretties :)
First from Dollar Tree:
Glistening Purple, a purple glitter
Then Sally's:
Caribbean Temptation, Lubu Heels and Dorothy Who?
And from the new Dark Shadows Collection:
Mysterious Curse

With Flash
Sorry for the multiple pics of Mysterious Curse but I was trying really hard to capture the prettiness of it. It's like a purple-blue duochrome and is absolutely gorgeous. I also got some necessities:

Cuticle Oil
Well maybe not necessities lol. I usually use the 100% Acetone from Dollar General since its only $1.25 for 10 oz. and usually lasts me a little while but I thought for some reason that the Beauty Secrets was like double so worth the $2.79 price. Alas that was not the case :( But that's ok live and learn and all that lol. 
So a confession here: I've never in my life used cuticle oil. I mean I moisturize and lotion and all that but before I really got into all the nail stuff I hadn't even heard of it lol. Sally's was mostly for hair stuff maybe once in a while a nail polish or 2 lol. Ohhh how I've been converted lol. 
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  1. love those CG's that you picked out! and i think i may finally break down & try some cuticle oil, myself... mine are always horribly dry and peel-y :( great haul!

    1. Thanks! The Lubu Shoes is gorgeous black with red sparkles :) My cuticles seem ok to me so far lol no horrified comments from anyone but if I can make things better I suppose I should try lol :)

  2. I believe it's Lubu Heels LOL, - and you got Dorothy Who - wow, that's quite a find!
    Personally I use cuticle oils and creams, but I find it's also important to trim the cuticles, either by nipping or om of those gels for the purpose.
    Using pure acetone is hard for nails and cuticles too, you can mix a less harsh one yourself, I have two recipes on my blog on the DYI page...

    1. Oh crud, thats what I get for not double checking one time lol. Thanks I will fix it ;) I usually just use a super moisturizing cream but figured I should try this too. I'm too scared to nip or remove my cuticles since they seem to be fine on their own :) I found a DIY Faux Zoya Remove+ from Loodie Loodie Loodie but I haven't put it on here just on the Facebook page. I'll have to check yours out :)


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