Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exfoliator Review

A review for you all today :) Well maybe more of a comparison I suppose lol. We have here Qtica's lemon dream, Julep's Facial for the hands, and lastly a generic apricot scrub. I use one or another of these as part of my mani process (which I will tell you about next time).  

Lemon Dream smells great and works pretty well. It's a thicker gel kind of substance and since I happen to have 2 of the one I use most often just since one is upstairs in my bathroom and I have one downstairs with my nail stuff. It smells great and works pretty good. It has little plastic like beads in it that exfoliate.
Qtica lemon dream
 Next we have Julep's Glycolic Hand Scrub which I believe they call a facial for your hands. Its kind of a liquidy gel. Its got kind of a fruity smell but no-where near as strong as the other two. I only used this one a few times so I should note that it may be watery due to lack of use as well as heat. I got this one as a gift so I definitely can't complain ;) 
Julep's Glycolic Hand Scrub
 Lastly, we have Dollar General's Apricot Scrub. It's supposed to be for your face but due to my super sensitive skin I can't use it for its intended purpose. So I re-purposed it lol. It smells great and exfoliates really well. It has apricot seeds that exfoliate in it and is a thick paste. 

Overall I prefer the Qtica lemon dream just due to the great smell, smooth texture, and lasting effects of smoothness and moisturizing. However the Apricot Scrub is a very close second and it is far cheaper. 

Do you exfoliate? What products do you like and use? As always, thanks for stopping by :) 


  1. I never tried exfoliating my hands.. but better believe I will be picking up some apricot scrub next time I'm at the dollar store. :) Thanks for the tip!

    1. No problem! It makes everything so much better :)


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