Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yet another update

So once again I bring you an update :) 

I'm not working as much as I was anymore and I actually have some free time. About a month ago my camera broke which is why nobody has seen anything from me :( Now that I'm finally getting re-established in life I got a new one :) 

I'm pretty thrilled with it so far! Well at least the specs part since as I type this the battery is in the charging dock. It's way better than my last one. Interested in specs? I'll post them at the bottom :)

Anywho I have a super cute mani on right now that I love! Pics tomorrow, yeah? It's for breast cancer awareness. I also got some fantastic goodies since I've been offline so I'm going to work on an updated stash post. If you follow my facebook page then you already know one of the  things I got. 

Here are a couple pics I took with the old camera:

As you can see the camera isn't all that great anymore lol. Mostly its the screen that's screwed because it's dark as midnight and I can't see anything with it. So that's what you get lol. 

Anywho that's enough chatter for now! As always, thanks for stopping by :)

Specs on the new camera:
Fujifilm Finepix XP50
14 MP
5x zoom
2.7" LCD
Optical Image Stabilization
360 degree Motion Panorama
Waterproof (can actually take underwater pics!)
Shockproof (yay won't break when I drop this one lol)
Freezeproof (cuz now I live in Iowa lol)
Can take full HD pics and video.

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